Vitamix Food Prep Blenders _ Vitamix XL

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  • Vitamix Commercial Food Prep Blenders
  • Vitamix XL
  • The blender’s container lid features a convenient two-piece design to optimize kitchen workflow.
  • The top plug is removable, allowing for the addition of ingredients during operation.
  • This means that if you forget an ingredient, or need to adjust the recipe, you can simply unplug the stopper and add it in without stopping the blender. This not only expedites the blending process but also improves overall efficiency.
  • Included : 1 x Vitamix XL, 5.67 Liters container, 2 Liters Container.

Specsheet is available upon request



Serve More With A Single Blend

Maximize your kitchen’s possibilities with our largest-capacity countertop blender. Blend up to 24 (8 oz.) servings at once! The XL® is engineered to reduce prep-time, improve staff efficiency, and expand your menu capabilities.

4.2-HP Motor

The XL ≈4.2 peak output horsepower motor allows heavy blending from delicate tomatos to dense meats to deliver high quantities of kitchen staples in a fraction of the time

Responsive Controls

Variable Speed Control and the Pulse feature work together to create precise textures and complete flexibility in the kitchen.

Large 1.5-Gallon Container

Minimize prep times with the low-profile 1.5-gallon container, complete with a removable lid plug to easily add ingredients while blending.

2.0-Litre Container

The 2.0-litre container with removable lid plug is ideal for blending smaller batches.


Capacity 5.67 Liters / 2.0 Liters
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)216 × 482 × 460
POWER SUPPLY220-240v/50hz/1ph,
Included1 x Vitamix XL Blenders, 5.3 Liters container, 2 Liters container