Unox Evereo Hot Fridge_XEEC-1011-EPRS

  • Model Code : XEEC-1011-EPRS(right handle) / XEEC-1011-EPLS(left handle)
  • Service Temperature Food Preserving is a patented technology that has been designed to preserve food at the temperature at which it is served and eaten.
  • It means that you can cook food, keep it hot without blast freezing and regenerating it, and serve it in a few seconds at any time of the day and with zero waiting time for your customers.
  • EVEREO® is the first ever Hot Fridge; a unique piece of equipment that preserves cooked food at service temperature for days, using a combination of precisely accurate temperature and atmospheric control.

XEEC-1011-EPLS-SPC_en_Electric   XEEC-1011-EPRS-SPC_en_Electric


  • Cook and preserve for up to 72 hours
Combined with MULTI.Day BAGS and MULTI.Day TRAYS, EVEREO®  allows you to Preserve cooked food at Service Temperature for up to 72 hours. Cook your dishes as you have always done and, following the advice of our chefs, preserve them in EVEREO®, so you will be able to serve them as soon as they are ordered, with zero waiting time for your customers and a boost for your profits!
  • Hold up to 8 hours
Preserve your dishes in EVEREO® ready to be served using unsealed or open containers or trays. EVEREO®‘s extremely accurate temperature and humidity management allows to keep your food impeccable for up to 4 times longer than traditional holding cabinets.
  • Preserve without cooking for up to 72 hours
Meal me
The revolution is now: if you own EVEREO® and MEAL ME you can add from the ecommerce great products to your menu, without having to cook them. Keep your meals always ready to be served!



Evereo Electric Cube Food Preserver (The Hot Fridge)

CAPACITY10 trays x GN1/1
PROGRAMS256 Customised Programs
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)750 × 628 × 915 (82kg weight)
POWER CONSUMPTION220-240v/50-60hz/1ph, 2.9Kw
REMARKS58 - 75°C