Turbo Vent Exhasut Purification System

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  • Exhaust Hood System with Purification.
  • Dual-mode purification technology
  • High Efficiency Series 98% purification efficiency


   Strong stain resistance

  • A wide pitch of 25mm
  • resistant to water vapor and oil smoke
  • The cleaning cycle may vary depending on the operating conditions

   Patented Cylindrical  Honeycomb Design

  • Larger dust collection area
  • Uniform electric field strength
  • Fully utilize of space

 High-efficiency purification  zone

  • The electric field cathode emits electrons under the action of high-voltage static electricity

 Deep purification zone

  • The deep purification zone uses a sub-high voltage electric field to adsorb the remaining oil smoke  particles, to achieve deep  purification


MODEL NAMEBS-266-20SBS-266-24S
CLASSIFICATIONElectrostatic Air Cleaners Electrostatic Air Cleaners
2000 x 1100 x 775(Front)/960(Back) 2400 x 1100 x 775(Front)/960(Back)
AIR FLOW(m³/h)40004800
POWER CONSUMPTION380v/50hz/3ph, 1.6Kw380v/50hz/3ph, 1.6Kw
OPENING SIZE(mm)375 x 335375 x 335