Pasmo Soft Serve Machine_S230F

  • Dual Independent System
  • Intelligent Inverter Technology
  • Multi-Flavor
  • Air Pump is available for optional
  • Demo is available upon request.

S230F Specsheet


Pasmo High Quality Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine S230F

Double control system:2+1 twist flavors Offers all popular ice cream variations from low to non-fat ice creams,yogurt,sorbet,etc.

  • Beater:
    Food grade stainless steel beater,high precision,long usage,and ice cream taste will be better
  • Double control system:
    Can be truned off seperately,this function is extremely useful during the period of slack sale
  • Standby function/Pre-cooling function:
    For both hopper and cylinder, no need to wash machine everyday
  • Spring handle:
    Automatic reset handles, effectively prevent outflow of the Ice cream during suspending.
  • High expansion rate:
    With high-precision configuration, even without air pump ,the overrun could be 40% .



CLASSIFICATIONPasmo Soft Serve Machine 2+1 Flavor
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)770 x 520 x 969
COOLING SYSTEMAir cool / Water Cool
POWER CONSUMPTION230v/50hz/1ph, 3.0Kw
Hopper & Cyliner 9.5Lx2 / 2.Lx2
REMARKGravity type / Pump is optional

Available for 380v/50hz/3ph.