Pansum_AI Dish-Frying Machine_BSF1-100G3

  • Inteligent Dish-Frying Robotic Machine.
  • Give Priority to stir-fry, capable of burning, braising and so on.
  • It is mainly applied to places where product quality requirement is higher and singe product quantity is larger, such as medium and large-scale dining rooms and large-scale fast-food supply center, etc.
  • EDG Grant Applicable.

Specsheet is available upon request.


  • Automatic stirring with speed-adjusting tools
  • Automatic and accurate oil and water injection
  • Automatically and accurately thicken with starch evenly
  • Cookware spining around main axis to achieve multi-angle cooking
  • Automatically serving dishes
  • Automatic recording and statistics collecting of cooking process
  • Storage space of over 1000 cooking programs
  • Situational interaction, voice controlling operation
  • Drawer type water tray
  • Gas leakage protection
  • Human voice operating tips
  • Fault self-diagnosis and prompt
  • Built-in rinsing water gun