The most advanced and customizable oven in the world.
The perfect oven for pizza, bakery, pastry, and gastronomy with the maximum energy saving.

Dimensions internal baking chamber:
124x126xH16/30 cm

Power supply:

The most advanced and customizable oven in the world

The perfect oven for pizza, bakery, pastry, and gastronomy
with the maximum energy saving.

A sustainable choice

More than 35% energy saving

serieS is the electric professional oven with the lowest consumption in the world. Your investment is paid back over a short time. Use only the energy you need!

Low costs from the first bill and minimal environmental impact.


4 millions of combinations

The union between advanced technology and our constant search of perfection allows you to create the oven most responding to your needs.

Customize serieS choosing dimensions, number and type of baking chamber, material for baking surface and door opening, Steel or Icon finish, and much more!


Improve your business

Choose Multibake chamber for a versatile production, or the specific chamber according to your production needs: Romanbake, Stonebake, Pastrybake and Steambake.

Pizza, pastry, bakery, and gastronomy! The professional and multifunctional oven to bake what your customers love the most.


serieS Brochure

S125E Specification

Technology Evolution

More than 75 years experience in baking and the most innovative electronic technologies find their best expression in serieS.

Adaptive-Power® Technology

serieS regulates real-time and independently needed power according to the quantity of product placed in the baking chamber by using only the minimum energy required to perfectly bake without waste.

Power-BoosterTM Technology

Increase power during work peaks and a fully loaded oven with the same high-quality baking.

Delta-PowerTM Technology

Balance the power between the front and rear of the oven to achieve the perfect baking without turning the products, even with frequent opening of the oven door.

FourceTM Technology

The exclusive system patented by Moretti Forni to reduce set power by 20% while keeping untouched the available one and ensuring always excellent baking performance. It is recommended also for installation in those settings where the amount of consumed energy is of critical importance.

*Optional to be purchased separately

Dual-PowerTM Technology

Independent control of the ceiling and floor powers to calibrate the baking of leavened products perfectly.

Split-BoosterTM Technology

Increase by 20% power of ceiling and floor or both to personalize booster direction.

Half-LoadTM Technology

The right power even with partial loads. With this function, the oven uses only the rear part of the baking chamber reducing costs and energy consumption significantly.

Eco-StandbyTM Technology

The smart function to save energy. Set the oven on standby during work pauses, it will be ready to be used with a click!

Dual-Temp® Technology

Independent control of the ceiling and floor temperatures to calibrate the baking of gastronomy products perfectly.

Power-CleaningTM Technology

Cleaning the oven is extremely easy! Program the pyrolytic self-cleaning to remove any residual from baking. Time saving and maximum safety for your customers.


serieS includes up to 6 independent timers. It monitors the time in the 6 baking areas and simplifies your work.


After setting baking time, the display will indicate in every moment the optimal baking area to bake at the right moment and to manage pace of work and baking areas at best.

Remote-Master® Technology

The exclusive function to create or modify programs, check baking settings and receive communication about service records from the oven.

*Optional to be purchased separately

Wi-fi Module

It allows downloading software updates and using the latest available version.

With Moretti Forni, everyone can be a Master of baking.

serieS is the most advanced professional oven in the world; power consumption reduced by 35% thanks to its exclusive technologies: an energy saving never seen before in a traditional oven, with a baking speed increased by 20% and a maximum temperature of 450°C.
The multifunctional oven par excellence! serieS as a unique tool ideal for your business: pizzerias, bakeries, pastry, restaurants, hotels, catering, and Mass Market Retailers.

Low consumption and perfect baking in total safety.

A wide range of accessories and specific baking chambers available to customize your ideal electric oven for your business according to your needs.
It is possible to choose from 5 baking chamber dimensions and 2 finishes:
serieS Steel has a remarkable style with brushed stainless-steel surfaces for the maximum ease to clean and empowered illumination for excellent internal vision.

Ideal installation inside laboratories, also on sight for a contemporary style.
serieS Icon is characterized by iconic finishes of high-quality materials, oak wood for handles and hood with increased steam extraction by 32%.
Ideal installation on sight as design element.
What are the advantages to bake in an electric deck oven such as serieS?
The greatest advantages of baking pizzas, long leavened products, and pastries with serieS are: perfect baking quality, maximum versatility with specific and modular baking chambers, the highest energy saving and the lowest environment impact in its category.

Moreover, technologies and programs like Weekly Power-On Timer help simplify baking processes even for less skilled users, reducing labor costs and saving time for other preparations.
Thus, work is more efficient and organized.

How many products is it possible to bake with serieS deck oven?
In a single baking chamber, serieS bakes up to 28 trays (60x40cm) per hour, 240 traditional pizzas (Ø30) per hours or 80 family pizza (Ø45) per hour, 10 kg/h of bred, 36 panettoni (1kg) per hour, 254 croissant/h.
* data referred to 1 baking chamber serieS model S125


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