Iceteam Pastry & Gastronomy Machine_Vario Icona Chef

  • Touchscreen
  • Chef door: with adjustable piston, to transfer the mix into the lower cylinder or to extract it sideways
  • Vario system (double inverter): it varies the speed and adjusts the freezing power depending on the type and quantity of mix introduced
  • Inverter: guarantees high production flexibility and allows to treat special mixes
  • Dialog: easy monitoring and assistance
  • Ideal For : Pastry, Gelato

Vario Icona Chef_Specsheet


VariO Icona Chef is the combo machine for gelato and pastry that allows Chefs and Pastry Chefs to free their creativity. It was born on the 30th birthday of our iconic Compacta. The machine is simple and easy to use thanks to its intuitive LCD Touch Screen, and its smart interface designed by our Gelato Chefs. The Icona system allows you to switch from one operation to another and to manage and store personalised recipes, preferences and alerts only with a few taps.

The third inverter, which has been introduced in the upper boiler, allows to change the beating speed and guarantees high production flexibility.

Thanks to a brand new design of the boiler‘s door, provided with a rotating piston, it is now possible to extract the mix sideways, directly from the boiler.

The Vario system varies the speed and adjusts the freezing power depending on the type and quantity of mix introduced. This improves the production times and reduces electricity and water consumptions up to a 30% compared to batch freezers of previous generations.

VariO Icona Chef is currently available with top-of-the-line configuration: Pastry beater, Gelato beater, silver scrapers, insulated stainless steel door (patented), stainless steel shower spray, ergonomic shelf and flavour infuser (optional).


MODEL NAMEVario Icona Chef 8Vario Icona Chef 12
CLASSIFICATIONGelato & Pastry MachineGelato & Pastry Machine
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)600 x 770 x 1530660 x 770 x 1530
CAPACITY PER CYCLEMix Processed : 1.5-8kg,
Gelato Produced : 2-11 liters 
Mix Processed : 1.5-12kg,
Gelato Produced : 2-17 liters 
COOLING SYSTEMWater CoolWater Cool
POWER CONSUMPTION400v/50hz/3ph, 9.0Kw400v/50hz/3ph, 15.0Kw