Hoshizaki Crescent Ice Maker_KM60C

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  • This modular ice maker produces clear, crescent shaped ice that is extremely versatile.
  •  It includes a double-sided stainless steel evaporator, which requires fewer cycles to produce a full bin of ice, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • The CycleSaver® design allows our crescent ice makers to produce more ice, using less energy, while cycling 1/2 as many times as the competition.
  •  The use of crescent shaped ice extends from the splash-free serving of post mix soft drinks through to diverse applications such as fish transportation, bottle and fish display and even laser therapy.
  • Hoshizaki Cresent Ice Maker – KM-60C(ice size:28x12x38)

Specsheet is available upon request


1. Material
    The double-sided evaporator in all KM machines is made of stainless steel – the best material for improved longevity, food safety and damage-less cleaning.
2. Usage
    The unique shape is built from the inside out with an internal temperature of -4ºC and can be used for chilling drinks, fresh produce display and bottle cooling as well as cooking.
3. Smart Design
    Always focusing on operating convenience and food safety, all units (including the air filter) are easily accessible from the front. Keep in mind that frequent cleaning routines will improve the longevity of your machine.
4. Unique Technology
    With the increased ice-to-steal surface of the improved evaporator, the KM Edge even outperforms the powerful KM Range, when it comes to harvest cycles and production capacities.
5. Perfect Fit
    The compact dimensions of the self-contained  Crescent Ice Maker make it a perfect fit for small spaces.


ICE TYPECresent shaped(28x12x38)
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)605 x 610 x 842
POWER CONSUMPTION230v/50hz/1ph, 0.30Kw

Ambient Temp : 1 ~ 40ºC

Water Temp : 5 ~ 35ºC