Hoshizaki Crescent Ice Maker_KM470AJ

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  • This modular ice maker produces clear, crescent shaped ice that is extremely versatile.
  •  It includes a double-sided stainless steel evaporator, which requires fewer cycles to produce a full bin of ice, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • The CycleSaver® design allows our crescent ice makers to produce more ice, using less energy, while cycling 1/2 as many times as the competition.
  •  The use of crescent shaped ice extends from the splash-free serving of post mix soft drinks through to diverse applications such as fish transportation, bottle and fish display and even laser therapy.
  • Hoshizaki Cresent Ice Maker – KM-470AJ(ice size:28x12x38)
  • Corresponding Bins – Optional (B-501SA / B-801SA)


Storage Bin_B-301SA_B-501SA_B-801SA_Specsheet


  • KM machines produce clear, crescent shaped ice. The unique shape is built from the inside out with an internal temperature of -4ºC.
  • Cubes produced are crystal clear as only the purest water molecules will freeze on Hoshizaki’s US patented evaporator.
  • Due to the half-moon shape and the consistent cube size, maximum storage bin capacity is optimised.
  • An easily cleanable air filter allows users to carry out routine cleaning themselves, extending machine life and cutting the frequency and cost of maintenance call-outs.
  • Double-sided ice making surface. This requires fewer cycles to produce a full bin of ice, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • Greatly reduces mineral build-up helping to produce clear, hard crescent cubes. Also improves pump and compressor operation.
  • Poor water quality is one of the major causes of equipment breakdown. The double flushing system offers built-in self-cleaning, improving machine life.


ICE TYPECresent shaped(28x12x38)
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)762 x 695 x 825
MAX. CAPACITY495kg/24h
STORAGE BINDepending on Storage Bin
POWER CONSUMPTION230v/50hz/1ph, 1.85Kw

Ambient Temp : 1 ~ 40ºC

Water Temp : 5 ~ 35ºC