Hoshizaki 4 Door Upright Chiller(Inverter)_HR-150A-1_HR-150AT-1

  • Hoshizaki 4 Door Upright Chiller
  • Equipped with inverter control with Energy Saving.
  • Made In Japan
  • EEG Grant Applicable (pre-approved)
  • HR-150A-1 : 1500x800x1910
  • HF-150AT-1 : 1500x650x1910

HR-150A-1 Refrigerator_Specsheet HR-150AT-1 Refrigerator_Specsheet


  1. Inverter system and EEG Grant Pre-approved model.
  2. Even easier to use display panel
    ● Filter lamp
    The lamp will inform you when it’s time to clean the filter, which is something we tend to forget.
    By preventing deterioration of cooling capacity due to dirt, waste of electricity, and breakdowns, you can use the product for a long time.
    ● New display panel
    It will inform you of the current state of the refrigerator, such as “Defrosting” and “Inspection”.
    Just by looking at the display screen, you can immediately understand the temperature inside the refrigerator and the state of the refrigerator.
    ● Eco indicator
    The eco indicator automatically lights up during energy-saving operation.
    This new function leads to power saving by raising the energy-saving awareness of the staff who use it on a daily basis.
  3. Adopts LED interior light
    By adopting LED, we aim to extend the life of the interior light.
  4. Easy and comfortable cleaning
    ● Easy-to-clean pull-out filter
    The condenser filter can be easily removed without removing the front panel. We
    also took ease of cleaning into consideration.
    ● Easy to clean Fluorine pre-coated stainless steel and handle base with integrated aperture door
    Uses “fluorine pre-coated stainless steel” which is resistant to scratches and easy to remove dirt.
    The handle base is an “integral squeeze door” without combining parts, making it difficult for dirt to accumulate and easy to clean.
    ● Snap-in door gasket Snap-in type
    that is easy to remove.
    Gaskets that tend to accumulate dirt can be easily cleaned and replaced.
    ● Corner radius
    for easy cleaning Each corner of the cabinet is radiused, making it easy to clean the interior.
  5. Durable interior opening
    The strength of the interior opening has been increased to withstand frequent insertion and removal.
  6. Drawer-type unit with excellent maintenance
    The cooling unit can be easily pulled out without removing the top and side panels, reducing maintenance time.


TEMP.CONTROL-6 to 12ºC-6 to 12ºC
DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)1500 x 800 x 19101500 x 650 x 1910
CAPACITY1342 Liters1049 Liters
SHELF8 pcs8 pcs
POWER CONSUMPTION230v/50hz/1ph, 0.225Kw230v/50hz/1ph, 0.225Kw
OPERATION CONDITIONAmbient Temp : 5 ~ 43ºCAmbient Temp : 5 ~ 43ºC
REMARKInverter systemInverter system