Firex_Tilting Pot_EasyBaskett

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  • Easybaskett tilting pot
  • Stainless steel construction. Motorized tipping as standard.
  • Mixer tap to load the water into the tub. Maximum temperature 105°C.
  • Indirect versions with 0.5 bar cavity pressure (PMKIE100/150 are available only with 1.5 bar cavity and closed circuit).
  • Gas versions / Electrical versions / Steam versions




Professional catering machines.

Easybaskett is the functional and easy to use tilting pot, ideal for cooking large quantities of food, even with high acidity.

In the indirect versions, the cavity system prevents the products from sticking to the bottom and walls of the container during cooking.

Easybaskett volumn : 100 . 150 . 200 . 300 . 500 liters