Babychef is the new counter-top multifunction machine for gelato, pastry and gastronomy, ideal for fast preparations in a limited space.

It allows preparing a great variety of products: hot, cold, sweet and savoury. Thanks to the possibility to save recipes in the cookbook you can always obtain the same results, the unit comes with 25 saved recipes and 5 blank slots to save new ones. All the recipes are customisable to your needs.

Babychef is straightforward, efficient and easy to clean. In fact, the necessary equipment consists of only three pieces: the double lid (pastry lid and gelato lid), the beater and the extraction spatula.

The continuous churning cycle allows to produce and store ever-fresh gelato, the inverter allows making authentic coffee granita without making it foamy.


  • Double lid
  • Minimal
  • Single-phase
  • Air cooling
  • Cookbook included

Ideal For

  • Small pastry shops
  • Restaurants with strong turnout


Cylinder capacity lt 2
Quantity per cycle (mix) kg 1 – 2
Quantity per cycle (gelato) kg 1,3 – 2,6
Quantity per cycle (custard) Hz 1 – 1,5
Electric power cm 230 / 1 / 50
Installed power kw 1.84
Number of speeds 15
Cooling Aria
Dimensions W x D x H cm 50 x 55 x 42
Net weight kg 62




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