AJ Antunes_Vertical Contact Toaster_VCT Series

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  • The Vertical Contact Toaster (VCT) gives buns a consistent, golden brown finish — preventing ingredients from soaking in and helping the sandwich remain firm and delicious from the first bite.
  • The Vertical Contact Toaster is available in 4 unique models.
  • VCT-2000 / VCT-1000 / VCT-50 / VCT-25

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  • Dual-sided platen for additional toasting
  • Auxiliary heater warms top side of buns
  • Digital controller to adjust temperature of the platen
  • Separate compression adjustments for the heel and the crown
  • Release sheets allow buns to move easily down the heated platen without sticking
  • Additional features available, including wide mouth bun feeder, butter wheel, and heated base

Product Comparison

Product Feature VCT-2000 VCT-1000 VCT-50 VCT-25 VCT-2 VCTM-2
Available Counter Width 20-22 in. 20-22 in. 20-22 in. 20-22 in. 13-15.25 in. 13-15.25 in.
Pass-through Time 10-28 seconds 10-28 seconds 50 seconds 25 seconds 15 seconds Variable Speed
Volume (High vs. Standard) High High Standard Standard Standard Standard
Additional Features Butter Wheel, Heated Landing Zone, Wide Mouth


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