AJ Antunes_Heated Display Cabinet

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  • With its attractive, well-lit display area, the Heated Display Cabinet helps operators drive sales and move product fast.
  • Each unit features a digital display thermostat and electronic controls to ensure product is held safely.
  • Available models include a low-temperature option for pastries and pretzels and a high-temperature option for protein-based products.
  • The Heated Display Cabinet is available in 8 unique models.
  • DCH-1000 / DCH-800 / DCH-500 / DCH-320SQ / DCH-320 / DCH-300 / DCH-220 / DCH-200

DCH-Specsheet   DCH-500-Specsheet   DCH-320SQ-Specsheet


  • Bright, full-length lighting
  • Digital display thermostat and electronic controls
  • European design with curved, tempered glass
  • Glass side panels for full visibility
  • Sliding rear panels for easy access to add and remove products
  • Easy-to-change menu board
  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • Two levels of display to showcase a variety of products
  • Glass shelf, front panel and side panel provide customers with full visibility of product
  • Built-in LEDs ensure products are always shown in the best possible light
  • Adjustable temperature range of 150-165°F (66-74°C)
  • Angled, open back provides operations with easy access to all products
  • Rear panel allows operations to easily control the temperature setting, lighting and heat power


Please refer to this specsheet as attached.