AJ Antunes_Commercial Water Filtration(RO) System_AQ-RO

  • Whether you need clean water to effectively operate your water-reliant kitchen equipment, or as a vital ingredient in your food and beverage production, the quality of the water coming out of your tap dramatically impacts your efficiency and final product. Rather than working around poor water quality, take control of your water by installing a commercial reverse osmosis system in your foodservice operation.
  • Our variety of industrial reverse osmosis systems feature multi-stage treatment systems that mitigate and prevent scale build-up in equipment like combi machines and steamers. This removal of harmful agents in your water help produce higher quality food and beverages and reduce water costs across the board.
  • AQ-RO – For Internation Use Only / AQ-RO / AQ-RO High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System

AQ-RO_For Internation Use Only   Specsheet  AQ-RO_Specsheet   AQ-RO_High-Capacity-Reverse-Osmosis-System_Specsheet


  • Adjustable blend valve
  • Long-lasting pre-filter cartridges
  • Extend the life of water-using appliances
  • Three-stage treatment process filters sediment and chemical contaminants
  • Fast flash feature to improve membrane performance and product water quality
  • Increase the quality of products produced by water-reliant equipment
  • Decrease plumbing expenses by removing the contaminants that cause long term damage


Please refer to this specsheet as attached.

AQ-RO_For Internation Use Only_Specsheet