AJ Antunes_Commercial Water Filtration System_VZN 500 Series

  • Do you find your operation constantly dealing with poor water quality, high filter replacement and consumable costs, and constant loss of pressure and flow to your equipment? At Antunes, we engineer sustainable UF water filters that stay consistently clean and provide high-quality water with every use. This self-cleaning technology eliminates the need to continuously replace cartridges, providing the lowest cost of ownership in the market.
  • The VZN Ultrafiltration is available in 10 unique models.
  • VZN-541V-T5 / VZN-541V / VZN-541H-T5 / VZN-541H / VZN-540H / VZN-541VE / VZN-521H-T5 / VZN-521H / VZN-520H / VZN-511V



  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certified for particulate reduction and Standard 53 certified for the reduction of cyst and turbidity
  • Reduces particles, chlorines, tastes and odors
  • .015 micron ultrafiltration is 33 times finer than standard .5 micron
  • Maintains water minerals that are beneficial to health
  • Self-cleaning, long-lasting ultrafilter
  • Low-cost carbon cartridge with one-year lifespan
  • Plug adaptor for U.S., Europe, UK, and Australia
  • Compact design for small footprint
  • Available with TAC cartridge for 96-98% lime scale reduction


Please refer to this specsheet as attached.