AJ Antunes_Commercial Food Steamer_InfiniSteam

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  • The award-winning InfiniSteam 8-Drawer Steamer makes it easy to efficiently prepare individual portions of a wide range of menu items, from proteins like eggs and sliced meats to vegetables, seafood, more.
  • The InfiniSteam uses boiler technology to keep every drawer independently steamed to your unique needs.
  • The Infinisteam is available in 1 unique model
  • The IS-8000 offers customizable touchscreen controls for each of its eight independent steaming zones.



  • High-performance boiler technology ensures steamer is always prepared for steaming without delay.
  • Continuous steaming with no recovery time.
  • Connected Kitchen IoT (Internet of Things) enabled.
  • 2020 Kitchen Innovations Award recipient by the National Restaurant Association
  • Displays drawer contents, status, temperature, and holding time for each drawer.
  • Eight independently controlled steaming zones with removable drawers and pans.


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