AI Frying Robot_Robert E

  • AI Frying Robot_Robert E
  • A frying robot capable of cooking 50 baskets per hour
  • National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) hygiene safety certification in the U.S.
  • Obtained Hygiene and Safety Certification for the Entire System
  • Capable of Cooking 50 Baskets per hour
  • Robot System Proven in Stores
  • Compact Size (1770(W) x 932(D) x 1522(H)



AI Frying Robot_Robert E
01 Suitable for Any Location that Requires Frying

It’s capable of cooking 50 baskets per hour, including a variety of fried items such as chicken, french
fries, pork cutlets, donuts, and hot dogs. Moreover, it allows customization for specific restaurant recipes,
including adjustments to robot movements and cooking times.

02 A Cooking Robot That Best Understands People and Kitchens

Since 2020, Robert-E has been operating daily and upgrading the capabilities at Robo Arete’s own chicken brand, ‘Robert Chicken’.
It is now actively used not only in Robert Chicken but also in BHC, Hangry Joe’s Hot Chicken, GS25, and others, making it a robot thoroughly verified in both Korean and global stores.

03 Obtained Hygiene and Safety Certification for the Entire System

As the first in Korea to secure NSF Food Safety Certification for the entire equipment involved in
the robot system, we can offer food that consumers can trust and enjoy, making it convenient for
global use as well.

04 Compact Size

With a simple structure and compact size, it only requires 17.79 sq ft of space for installation, making it suitable for any kitchen from small 1-ton trucks to small and large stores. Additionally, its small size ensures ample space for operators to manage operations, cleaning, and stocking of ingredients.

05 Cloud-Based Operating System

The R&D headquarters in Seoul can monitor and control robot systems not only in Korea but also overseas. This enables quick remote troubleshooting, software updates, and the addition or modification of menus.

06 Order Connect

The robot system is seamlessly connected with various ordering systems like kiosks, apps, table orders, and POS. This integration allows cooking to start automatically without manually inputting orders into the robot – simply press ‘Start Cooking’.

1. Collaborative Robot NSF certified robot arm
2. Deep Fryer (4-Basket/6-Basket) Rinnai fryer
3. Control PC 20-inch all-in-one PC monitor
4. Frying Rack It can hold up to 6 baskets after frying is complete (6-basket fryer)
5. Frying Basket Baskets specifically designed for frying
6. Dimension 1770(W) x 932(D) x 1522(H)
7. Certification National Sanitation Foundation(NSF)
hygiene safety certification in the U.S.


DIMENSION(W×D×Hmm)1501 x 932 x 1522

RINNAI 428G(LNG)/227E(Elec)

POWER CONSUMPTION230v/50/60hz/1ph, 20Kw
CONTROLLER20 inches All-in-one PC
REMARKCo-bot : Rainbow Robotics