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the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Solutions
To Helping Your F&B Business Grow

Our Service Help Desk is available 24/7 to take your call and urgent requirements and for all other service enquiries.

We Provide Continuous & Kind Service for Customers

We specialize in preventative maintenance for both regular yearly contracts and on-demand maintenance inquiries. Preventative maintenance and service contracts are formatted to help minimize unexpected and costly service calls. Well-maintained equipment operates longer, avoids downtime, and increases productivity.

Our expert consultations provide tailored guidance to optimize your equipment's performance and minimize downtime. We'll analyze your specific needs and recommend a comprehensive strategy to ensure your operations run smoothly.

If you need a preventive maintenance service, please enquiry us

General Project Process

1. Overview of Customer Requirements
2. Planning and Layout Design
3. Kitchen Equipment List
4. MEP(M&E) Planning
5. Elevation View
6. Site Measurement & Floor Marking
7. Process of SS Fabrication Items Drawing
8. Client Final Approval on the Drawing
9. Process of Fabrication
10. Delivery and Installation
11. Equipment Final Testing and Commissioning
12. Equipment Training by In House Chef
13. Handover of Project
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